Monday, 18 May 2015

5pm AEST

Join us for a webinar on the fundamentals of Passive House, hosted by the BDAV and featuring APHA board members David Power and Clare Parry. APHA members are entitled to the BDAV member rate.

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(from BDAV:) Our next webinar will explain the fundamentals of Passive House. Passive House is a standard that is popular overseas, and is slowly making inroads in Australia. A few BDAV Members have embraced the Passive House philosophy, which promotes houses that feature superior indoor comfort and air quality while reducing energy use and carbon emissions. A Passive House is more than just a low-energy dwelling; it aims to ensure that the design and construction are done with the highest competence possible, and that it has withstood testing of performance. This webinar will explain what is a Passive House, where it has come from, how it is achieved, how much it costs, and what a Passive House looks like.