“Healthy and efficient buildings”Is this a contradiction in terms?

Are you in Sydney on the 10th November? Fancy heading along to hear more about Passivhaus-style buildings? Check out CIBSE NSW’s event on Healthy and Efficient Buildings.

Speakers: Dr Andreas Luzzi (Laros Technologies) and Peter Nemec (HVACR Supplies)

In our drive to be energy efficient, are we compromising the health of building occupants? For example buildings are becoming better insulated and more air-tight but can this lead to interstitial condensation and mould? One home, built in Belgium in 2005, was so badly affected it had to be condemned (the occupants suffered a range of allergic health problems, including ‘excessive tiredness, coughing and itching skin’). In this presentation our speakers will look at how you can deliver outstanding energy efficiency without compromising occupant wellbeing, using such techniques as demand controlled ventilation and latent/sensible energy recovery using sorption rotary wheels.