Here at APHA, we are fortunate enough to hear and learn from the homeowners, builders, designers and tradespeople that are proactively ‘getting ahead of the curve’ in Australia’s fast growing Passive House Industry. The number of people who have designed, are building or who have completed Passive House projects is growing by the day!

As highlighted in a post last month, we are starting to see a significant shift and growth in Passive House designers and tradespeople across the Australia. In addition, the jobs market also seems to be calling out for ambitious and proactive folk to take on the Passive House challenge.

However, there is a part of the industry that is difficult for us to communicate. The part that tells the ongoing construction story of Passive House, taking the designs off the page and on site, highlighting challenges and providing insights for all to benefit.

In early 2016, Devin & Suzanne Grant purchased a small block in Emerald, Victoria. Fortunately, they also made the decision to complement the journey of realising their dream home with a great blog. After hitting send on that first Open Haus blog in September 2016, they have committed to telling their story until the job is done.

Written by Suzanne – with a very accessible pitch and engaging style – so far the blog has taken us through the Planning and Design Development stages, touching on procurement, and is now moving into getting this dream project up and out of the ground!

Great work Devin & Suzanne, your efforts will undoubtedly benefit many folk taking on the same challenge. Keep up the great work!