We are calling our members to become an active part of APHA’s work! There are two key opportunities to get involved:

• Nominate yourself to be a Local Representative of APHA
• Join one of our Working Groups

APHA’s mission is to promote the Passive House standard in Australia, to support Passive House practitioners in Australia and to research issues relating to the implementation of the Passive House standard in Australia.

The new Board intends to grow and develop the association’s presence and build an active community in every Australian state, not just the states which currently have the most members. This means having more frequent meetings and communication with members, and ensuring members receive the same benefits for their membership fee regardless of where they live.

We are committed to work closer with our members and provide opportunities for them to become active participants in APHA’s work and to have a bigger influence on the direction our association takes.

To achieve our common goal of having more Passive House buildings in Australia we’d like our members to work with APHA in a position as either a Local Representatives in your State or Territory, or as a member of one of our four Working Groups.

If you’re committed to further awareness of Passive House in your State, you feel comfortable organising and speaking at local events, why not join us as a Local Representative?


If you are interested in working closely with our Board of Directors, consider joining one of the following Working groups:

  1. Marketing, events & promotion working group: help organise conferences, master classes, deliver events, create content for media releases, our website, external publications and help keep members informed with an active stream of information through our social media accounts.
  1. Strategy working group: help us develop our organisational growth strategy & secure the ongoing financial viability of the organisation; help us build strategic partnerships with industry, Governments and registered training providers, help inform our strategy for servicing existing markets and identifying and pursuing new target markets & approaching new stakeholder groups, developing our brand strategy.
  1. Membership working group: help maintain regular member communications (emails and phone calls to members) to gather and collate feedback from members and present insights to the board, help coordinating the local chapters & input from state representatives, report back to the International Passive House Institute, and work on defining a strong member value proposition in response to member feedback, talk to members about Passive House projects they are working on.
  1. Technical working group: lend your expertise to help members grapple with technical challenges they are facing; help us produce relevant technical guides and establish and communicate appropriate design details which conform to Passive House standards in Australian climate zones; manage software sales and support; help us find and communicate technical resources (e.g. climate data files, the benefits of latest software updates to PHPP); develop case studies of Australian Passive House projects to communicate lessons learned.


To have a better understanding of APHA’s values and expectations of people in these roles, please read our Code of Conduct applicable for every APHA Volunteer including the Board; and the Description of Roles and Responsibilities for Local representatives.

As a volunteer of APHA you will have the opportunity to have your finger on the pulse of Australia’s sustainable building industry and be an active participant in achieving APHA’s goal: to make buildings more comfortable, healthier places to live and work, and combatting climate change by dramatically improving the energy efficiency of our buildings. Get involved, and work together with the Board of Directors and other smart, committed people, gaining experience with Passive House that will be valuable for your career.

This is a great way to do something practical that expresses your passion for truly low carbon, high performance buildings!