We welcome all members to attend the APHA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

After a very exciting Board year, it is time for electing the new Australian Passive House Association Board of Directors (2017/18) at the AGM, to be held on Saturday 14th October, 2017 at 11 – 12am. This AGM will mark a major milestone for APHA, with a chance to review what we’ve achieved so far, as well as form what comes next!

The agenda for the day will be sent out closer to the date, but will include election of the Board of Directors.

In accordance with our Constitution

  • Board of Directors are elected by the Members and nominations are now open for election to the Board.
  • Each Director must be a Member or a Representative.
  • Any two Members (Proposer and Seconder) may nominate any other Member or Member’s Representative to serve as a Director (Candidate). Candidate must be aware of and agree to being nominated.
  • Each elected Director will hold office from the end of the AGM at which he or she was elected until the next AGM. – Please note Members at the AGM will vote whether or not they’d like to amend the Constitution and change the term of appointment of Directors for two years. The Nominee must be able to commit for two years should the Constitution be changed.
  • Directors may stand for re-election with nomination if they are eligible for election.
  • Please note that the Australian Passive House Association is a registered Company. All Directors are required to be registered as Officers of the Company, per the requirements of the Corporations Act 2011 (Cwth).

Interested in promoting Passive House buildings in Australia? Have you got the time and energy to contribute to an active Board in a fast-growing industry? Do you know someone you think should be representing APHA? If so, please make your nominations by completing the form below.

If you are interested in contributing your time to the organisation but cannot commit to become a Director, please email us or sign up to become a Volunteer.

Nominations will close at midday on Saturday 23th September, 2017. If you have any queries as to the AGM or nomination process, please contact APHA at .

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