Sustainable Building Design

David Halford is a Certified Passive House Designer, a Registered Building Designer in Victoria and Queensland and ARB registered in the UK.

With several decades of designing energy efficient buildings and three designs already approved by the PH Institute, I have experience of most of the elements that are required to achieve a successful design. The great benefit of PH design is that it allows the effect of every design choice to be calculated so that the most cost-effective solutions can be identified. Good architecture is about much more than technicalities and the ability to calculate the effect of decisions liberates the designer so that the technicalities serve the design rather than the design being limited by the technicalities. The good news is that compared with the cold, dark climates of Northern Europe, the physical requirements for achieving PH in Australia are fairly easy. In fact it is cost effective to go beyond the PH minimums to carbon positive and even totally solar. The challenges are in sourcing suitable components, installers and materials at reasonable prices. I have learnt from sometimes bitter experience how to meet most of these challenges. My long experience in the industry and also in building my self-sufficient house with my own hands helps me understand what is critical/valuable both in the design and construction of buildings. My UK experience also gives me a wider perspective on what is available in the world and what is best practice.

Current projects on site include one of the first five “PH Plus” designs in the world and two other carbon positive PH designs.  Several other PH designs in Australia/NZ are on the drawing board including a small school.

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Contact: David Halford
Telephone: +61 3 5797 0277
Mobile: +61 439 174 957
Address: 22 Yamby Road, Strath Creek VIC 3658