Steele Associates Architecture

What makes Steele Associates unique?

Our founder and director, Oliver Steele, is both a qualified builder and architect. This rare combination enables him to effectively communicate concepts and requirements to trades people and building issues to architects. What’s more, his bilingual skills have been carefully disseminated throughout the Steele Associates Team. Just try talking to us. Whether you’re creating a boutique residence, residential development or commercial construction, you’ll find we speak your language.

We deliver what you’re looking for:

  • Total commitment to quality and a strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Cost Consulting service that eliminates the risk of budget blow-outs.
  • A passion of sustainability.
  • Understanding of your creative vision.

Time and cost savings

The way we deliver our services translates to effective and efficient constructions & less on-site hassles, meaning substantial time and cost savings for our clients. Our knowledge of design concepts helps us implement the unique construction skills required to create beautiful, flowing buildings. Browse our Project Gallery to see the implementation of our unique philosophy.

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Telephone: +61 2 9550 6702