SIGA is a world class-leading manufacturer and supplier of airtight and weathertight membranes and tapes for use in Passive House, High Performance Building, and other commercial or residential structures requiring airtight and weathertight diffusible protection. Our vision is for a world of zero energy loss buildings.

Since 1966, we are the only supplier to research, develop, and manufacture all our own highly specialized products at our purpose built wholly owned facilities in Ruswil, Switzerland. The reason? Our obsession with quality and a culture that refuses to compromise this by outsourcing manufacture. Oh, and our formulations are secret! We want it to stay that way! Our satisfied customers have made us a global supplier in over 30 countries with a turnover of €100M and owner of numerous patents.

Critically, our products are certified free of Solvents, VOC, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Plasticisers and High Boilers. This is vital for good internal air quality. No off-gassing also means no degradation of product quality over time. This is particularly important with tapes. Uniquely, our tapes offer the benefit of a pre-fold backing paper, affording perfection with every installation. 100% airtight, diffusible and impermeable to water, they stick where no others will: -40°C to + 100°C!

Majrex® our world-first patented ‘Hygrobrid® technology’ vapour control membrane is the next platform in variable membrane technology and proven to significantly reduce moisture development in the structure, over existing available membranes. It is particularly useful for commercial structures.

Our globally respected product range is now available in Australia. We will be pleased to assist with supply, on-site Install assistance and training. Your professional integrity is assured with our products.

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Telephone: +61 3 8742 7995
Mobile: +61 468 459 659