North South Homes Pty Ltd

North South Homes is a building company based in Victoria. Our goal is to build high performance, energy efficient, comfortable homes. Attention to detail at all stages of the project is paramount, starting with thoughtful, sustainable design principals and practices, insulation techniques that are above the Australian Standard of building through to continuing customer care. We believe it is important to bring you the latest technical information and advances in building design when working with your project therefore we are committed to continual professional development and research. Along with all of this, we feel that building relationships with our clients that foster trust and communication will ensure success in achieving the desired outcomes.

North South Homes is led by Wade Bashaw. Wade is a Registered Building Practitioner with a passion for outdoor lifestyle and making sure the homes he builds are well designed, well insulated and, above all, comfortable.

Living in the beautiful coastal town of Inverloch, Victoria with his family, Wade is inspired by the environment and believes he has a responsibility to build homes that incorporate sustainable design aspects and building practices. Wade brings a wealth of knowledge from his Canadian background in building that he is always eager to share. With an enthusiastic attitude towards continuing professional development, Wade endeavours to bring cutting edge techniques and products to the design discussions of all building projects.

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Contact: Wade Bashaw
Telephone: +61 419 865 500