Gareth Duggan

Gareth currently works for Ecovate based in Victoria. Ecovate undertakes sustainable retrofits of existing buildings to make them more thermally and energy efficient. Our work spans undertaking energy audits to carrying out insulation, draught proofing, window treatments, efficient lighting, heating and cooling, hot water, pool pump and pool heating solutions as well as solar, battery and home automation solutions. We ensure that one component of your sustainable renovation does not compromise another as commonly occurs with installation practices. We also expect to soon have a home automation system that will help you to make the most of your thermally efficient home. It will do this by making use of your surplus solar by preheating or cooling your home and running your pool pump, dishwasher and washing machines. This will not only make your home comfortable for when you arrive home but also reduce your use of utility energy. We have found a team of trade professionals that are passionate about delivering exceptional quality and value for any sustainable retrofit work and look forward to helping anyone with their sustainable renovation.

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Telephone: +61 417 520 473