CARBONlite design+build

CARBONlite | design + build is a forward thinking building company that is helping to revolutionise building techniques in Australia.

The company specialises in the design and pre-fabricated construction of ultra-energy efficient homes using our unique PANELlite construction system.

PANELlite is a precision fabricated timber floor, wall and roof system, which provides excellence in energy efficiency to PassivHaus standard, whilst reducing construction time , effort and cost.

All of our projects are processed through strict quality control stages and are structurally certified prior to the construction phase. ‘Lock-up’ stage is generally achieved in 2 to 3 days.

Once assembled CARBONlite perform a blower door test to prove and guarantee airtightness to Passivhaus standard (o.6 ACH @50Pa).

The next generation of energy efficient construction is here!

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Contact: Burkhard Hansen
Telephone: +61 3 8395 5655
Address: 42 Nevin Drive, Thomastown VIC 3074