APHi Projects

At Aphi projects our goal is to design and build homes that people care about and will care for for generations to come. To us, quality of construction, personal comfort, sustainability and longevity are essential elements of our built environment.

Aphi projects knowledge of building physics is crucial in our ability to deliver on our goals. We are passionate about projects informed by progressive international standards such as Passiv Haus (German), Minergie (Swiss) and ASHRAE55 (US), which aim to provide optimum thermal comfort and indoor air quality, whilst reducing current levels of energy consumption in buildings by up to 90%.

Our existing and ongoing education, practical experience and relationships with construction professional worldwide, ensures we are well equipped to deliver projects which integrate continually evolving building science and technology with current Australian regulations and standards.

If our inspiration and goals sound similar to yours please get in touch, we are always keen to discuss your project.

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Contact: Dale Roberts
Telephone: +61 427 431 026
Email: dale@aphiprojects.com.au