Over the course of 2016, our friends at the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) have continued to lead the sustainable transformation of the built environment.

To this end, the GBCA enact minor but important updates to the Green Star rating tools once a year, with a major review every three to four years.

This year, minor updates of Green Star – Design and As Built and Green Star- Interiors are on the table with an opportunity for industry-wide feedback to ensure they remain both achievable and aspirational, while also being relevant.

From minimum requirements to achieve 5 star and 6 star ratings in ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’, introducing air tightness testing in ‘Commissioning & Tuning’ and emphasising material design and selection in ‘Impacts from Materials: Life Cycle Assessment’, the updates to the rating tools are varied and are carried out to ensure the industry continues to drive best practice outcomes. One of the most exciting proposals is the recognition of Passive House (Passivhaus) in ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ and ‘Thermal Comfort’.

Under ‘Additional Updates’, the GBCA are undertaking a world-first and proposing a potential integration of a new Passive House pathway in ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ and ‘Thermal Comfort’. Working with APHA and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions sub-group to align criteria and create the Passive House pathway, the value proposition of combining Passive House design principles could lead to a significant number of points.

For now, the question remains simple and to the point:

“Do you agree in principle with the proposal to recognise this standard (Passive House) in Green Star?”

To have your say, head to the GBCA website!