Now in its 11th year and one of Australia’s key dates on the sustainability conference calendar, Green Cities continues to bring together thought leaders, industry experts and individuals with the aim of creating a common voice for the built environment.

Co-hosted annually by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Property Council of Australia (Property Council), this year will see a series of Masterclasses (Wednesday 8th March) that will be taking on three overarching themes:

  • Ready or not: The future of customers, digital and innovation
  • Environmental monitoring for health and wellbeing
  • Accelerating net-zero in Sydney

Between 1pm and 4:30pm, the ‘Accelerating net-zero in Sydney’ discussion will be taking place and posing the question – what does net-zero mean for high-rise residential buildings?

Difficult questions will be sure to have difficult answers while many contest the practical application of how to define net-zero high-rise residential buildings, and the ability of large, energy-hungry buildings to produce their own energy. In 2016, the City of Sydney commissioned a study looking into the pathway to net-zero; a key strategy identified from international case studies and progressive legislation is to apply the Passive House standard in combination with renewable energy.

The APHA’s Clare Parry will be representing the Passive House charge and describing the view of ‘The role of Passive House for achieving net-zero’. Joined by a host of great speakers, the Masterclass will set the platform for net-zero targets, market drivers, strategy, policy and local and international achievements. Key learning outcomes will be:

  • Net-zero technologies and designs
  • Net-zero and the National Carbon Offset Standard for Buildings and Precincts
  • Real world examples of buildings, policy and delivery programs

Full speakers list:

  • Carlos Flores – NSW Government: Net-zero target and market drivers
  • Clare Parry – Grun Consulting: The role of Passivhaus for achieving net-zero
  • Phil Harrington – Strategy, Policy, Research: Net-zero high-rise apartments
  • Paul Stoller – Atelier 10: Local and international Net-zero Residential building precedent
  • Sustainability team member – Australand: Efficient and renewable residential case study