We welcome all members to attend the APHA Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held on Saturday 14th of October, 2017 from 11.00am.

This AGM will have major impact on how APHA operates in the future. The agenda includes voting on a proposed change to the Constitution and By-Laws, as well as the election of the next Board of Directors.

In order for the AGM to proceed 20% of our members are required to attend either in person or via video or phone conference as per our constitution. We hope you wil join us. Everybody is welcome!

The meeting will kick off at 11.00am and run for 1 hour, followed by a light lunch. We’d like to take this opportunity and have a casual discussion with our members to see what direction you’d like APHA to go in the future.

If you would like to nominate a proxy to attend on your behalf, please email us at and we can send you a proxy form.

Date: Saturday 14th October, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM AEST (Melbourne time)

Inhabit | Level 6, 99 King Street, Melbourne 3000 (Citic House)

Please note, access to the building is limited due to the weekend. We ask you to please arrive early as doors will be closed at 11.10am and the qorum will be acknowledged at 11.15am.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: via Zoom – Password: apha2017 (NOTE: Please download and/or test the Zoom link prior to the meeting)

Dial: +61 (0) 2 8015 2088 – Meeting ID: 751 222 1062
International numbers available here.

Inhabit - Level 6, 99 King Street (Citic House)

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APHA Board Election and Voting on a proposed change to the Constitution and By-Laws

Online voting will be open from 10.15am Wednesday 11th October to 11.15am Saturday 14th October (times are Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra AEST).
All current paid members were sent an email on Wednesday 11th of October with a link and an individual voting ID token, which they can use only once to vote online via ElectionRunner. IF YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED THE EMAIL FROM ELECTIONRUNNER, PLEASE CONTACT ASAP.

Members are being asked to vote on two questions:

1. Director Election – A list of nominees and short bios are available below and on the voting site.
2. Proposed Changes – Position on proposed change to how long Board Directors hold office.

Please note, in order for the AGM to proceed and the voting to be valid, 20% of the members are required to attend the AGM either in person or via video or phone conference as per our constitution. We encourage and ask you to vote online in addition to attending the AGM.

Nominees for APHA Board Director positions
To read short bios please click on the nominee's name.
Andy Marlow - Architect, Certified PH Designer, and Director at Envirotecture


I am a registered architect, Certified Passive House designer and director at Envirotecture in Sydney. Our design work focuses on high performance buildings, generally for clients with limited budgets.

As an architect I am keen to see the design potential of Passive House realised and debunk some of the entrenched preconceptions. I am heartened by the UK expansion from 0 to 500+ buildings over 10 years; I believe Australia can do better!

My goal as a Board member is influence the social housing, aged care, developer and architecture communities. As long-term owners of buildings the social housing and aged care sectors have a need for quality construction, energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality. Connecting with these organisations and communicating the benefits of Passive House is a key step for the expansion of Passive House.

Forward thinking developers and architects are aware of the current crisis in construction quality and the risks it poses to their businesses in the longer term. I see a role in communicating the quality control benefits of Passive House to provide a strategic solution.

In tandem with my role as director at Envirotecture I am an active member of the Australian Institute of Architects through both the NSW Sustainability Committee (co-chair) and the Building Codes Committee reference group. The BCC group reviews and provides comment on all proposed changes to the building code.

I have previously sat on the Property Council of Australia NSW Sustainability Committee and the Green Building Council of Australia NSW Industry Group. I was a key member of the team delivering the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre at the University of Wollongong that is seeking certification as a Living Building and am an active member of the Living Future Institute Australia.

With several Sydney projects now underway the timing is perfect for increased Board representation in our largest city.

Chris Nunn - Head of Sustainability, Property at AMP Capital


Chris Nunn is Head of Sustainability, Real Estate at AMP Capital. AMP Capital has a property portfolio valued at approximately $23 billion, mainly in Australia and NZ, comprised of shopping centres, offices and industrial buildings, and a growing focus on mixed-use.

Chris has 17 years’ experience in sustainability, commencing with 5 years as an Environmental Lawyer for Minter Ellison and the Environmental Defender’s Office in Sydney, then 5 years working in London as Associate Director of Sustainability for Atkins. In 2011, Chris moved back to Sydney as Sustainability Leader at Norman Disney & Young, then as Sustainability Director for JLL, and joined AMP Capital Real Estate in September 2015. Chris’ professional accreditations include LEED AP; BREEAM AP; Green Star AP; NABERS Assessor; Member of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment; One Planet Living Sustainability Integrator, Member AIRAH.

During his 2017 term with the APHA Board, Chris was a strong advocate for Passive House in New South Wales and Australia, leveraging industry positions with:

  • The Property Council of Australia National Sustainability Roundtable (deputy-chair) and National Construction Code 2019 Section J Working Group,
  •  Australian Building Codes Board Energy Efficiency Project Commercial Working Group,
  • Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) National Construction Code Trajectory Project,
  • Better Buildings Partnership Leadership Group and Environmental Working Group (co-chair),
  • Green Building Council of Australia Steering Committee,
  • Investor Group on Climate Change Property Working Group, and
  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Australia/NZ Benchmark Committee.

On a personal level Chris is in the process of planning and building a Certified Passive House in Sydney as home for himself, his wife and two children, and plans to use this project as a vehicle for communicating the benefits and challenges in designing and building a certified Passive House to the general public.

Darren O'Dea - Principal - Building Physics, Certified PH Designer


Darren is a passionate advocate of intelligent passive design and passive house construction principles delivered through clear and concise communication. Over the past 7 years, he has gained a wide range of technical and consulting expertise covering environmental and carbon management, corporate social responsibility, sustainable building design and building physics. Today, he operates across an extensive range of projects from passive design residential developments to super tall skyscrapers across the Middle East, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Through an interest in thought leadership, rethinking the norm and improving the built environment, Darren has operated as a technical advisor at various levels, including historical advisory roles for the Vietnamese and Singapore government on energy efficiency legislation, and active advisory roles with Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB), the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Climate Works, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and as acting Chairperson of the Australian Passive House Association (APHA).

Jason Gaekwad - Senior Building Physicist


I am a Senior Building Physicist with Mott MacDonald, an international Buildings and Infrastructure consulting firm. My experience with Building Physics ranges across more than thermal analyses and building envelope design, with broad experience across building aerodynamics, air quality, meteorology, acoustics (noise and vibration), HVAC, human comfort, etc.

I believe Passvhaus represents the current pinnacle of bioclimatic, low energy design certifications. I would work to see it more widely adopted and recognised within both the residential and commercial industries. A current pet project of mine is translating the traditional Euro-centric Passivhaus design guidance into (generally warmer) Australian climates. The result of this is less “”scary sounding”” design details to achieve Passivhaus.

I have been involved with APHA for the last 12 months, when I looked to APHA for guidance as I plunged into the world of Passivhaus. I have found APHA and it’s members to provide exceptional support and I would like to see that continue and broaden.

Currently I am the Passivhaus designer on a luxury multi-residential development in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The development, currently under construction, will achieve the Passivhaus standard as well as a 6 star Green Star rating as a pilot project for the GBCA crosswalks program.

Joel Seagren - Business Development Engineer (Intelligent Ventilation)


I’ve worked closely with APHA for the last 3 years promoting Passive House from conference level to Open House, not just within Victoria but nationally. Completing the Passive House Designers Course in 2016, and having continuous exposure to an exciting number of Passive House projects has given me good insight into the daily challenges faced by consultants, building designers, builders, and suppliers looking to substantially lift the standard of building performance in Australia.

The growing awareness of Passive House in Australia has been a credit to all those involved ranging from APHA directors to home owners. With a strongly growing number of single dwelling residential projects, a significant opportunity for APHA is to foster the sprouts of uptake in larger Developer, Consulting and Building Design institutions who are trying to navigate the obstacles associated with a step change in building design and construction practices, to bring greater quantities of Passive House buildings into the market. My day to day involvement with these types of businesses offers a great opportunity to help deliver this support.

John Beurle - Sales/business development coach


Following a 30-year IT career John Beurle is now a self-employed sales/business development coach who is currently completing his first owner build LE, straw-bale SITUP Passive House in rural Victoria.

John is passionate about PH principles; what they offer the building owner and the contribution PH building makes to the environment. Committed to expanding his PH knowledge, he has attended a number of educational APHA events and is enrolled in the PHI consulting course later this year. John is planning to attend the International Passive House Conference in Munich next year to gain insights into global PH trends and exposure to thought leaders from around the world.

As a Director of APHA, John offers not only deep commercial experience, but the pragmatism of someone who has built his own passive house and a passion to expose more of the community and business sector to the benefits of Passive House.

In his spare time, John is an active volunteer with a number of disadvantaged youth support programs and is a self-confessed F1 tragic.

John Moynihan - Certified PH Designer, Certified PH Tradesperson


For over three decades John has been an advocate and champion for more environmentally conscious communities. In his work as a designer, educator, builder and environmental consultant he has worked to encourage communities to take responsibility for environmental delivery. Through his work in Australia and Europe, John has been recognised and honoured by Government, Building Associations and Academia alike.

John was the recipient of the Queensland Governments “Medal for the Year of the Built Environment, 2004” and the Queensland Premier’s Award for Environmental Services to the Building Industry.

John is a Registered Builder (QLD) and Designer (QLD), and an accredited Level 1 Air Tightness Assessor (ATTMA).

John’s wealth of experience includes:

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Diploma of Architecture
  • Graduate Certificate of Carbon Management
  • Green Star Accredited Professional (Design & As Built, Performance, Communities)
  • Green Star Communities Assessor
  • Greensmart Accredited Professional
  • Liveable Housing Assessor
  • UDIA Enviro Development Accredited Professional
  • WEA. Registered Water Auditor for Queensland Water Commission

Queensland accredited Expert for Class 1 & 10 NCC compliance

“I have been actively involved in promoting and delivering sustainable practices in the building industry for twenty-five years. With a background in architecture, business and a registered builder I have pursued my passion to change the industries attitude to sustainability across many sectors.
I have developed and delivered a variety of training courses for Industry and Government including The Green-Smart program for HIA and Environmental Site Practices for Construction Skills Queensland.
I designed and constructed a number of prototype homes in Queensland 12 years ago which included the first thin film PV roofs and the first use of AAC panel in the state.
I have been an active GBCA accredited Green Star Professional for 8 Years and have deliver a number of 4, 5 and 6 star rated buildings including two pilots (industrial and public buildings). I have overseen the delivery of the GCI building in University of Queensland which achieved 6 Star Green star and petal recognition from the LBC.
My family and I lived in Europe from mid-2014 and mid- 2016 during which time I achieved Passiv Haus accreditation in both trades courses, Mechanical and Envelope, and as a Passive House Consultant. PHPP training and a two week in-house intensive course in KOMZET, (Centre of Vocational Excellence in Energy Efficiency in Buildings) Biberach Germany.

My involvement with APHA at board level would afford me the chance to work with a team of like-minded professionals and bring about real change in how we design and build tomorrows building stock”.

Jonathan Dalton - Director at Viridis Australasia


Jonathan Dalton has been delivering Sustainable Buildings for over 15 years – including achieving the first Green Star rated building in Australia at 8 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra. His sustainability expertise has been recognised by the administrators of various building/construction related sustainability tools, and he is an Auditor and Trainer for Green Star (since 2005), NABERS (2008), CBD (2012) and Infrastructure Sustainability (2012).

Jonathan founded Viridis in 2005 to provide guidance to the building and construction industry about how to improve the environmental performance of buildings, and is still its Managing Director 11 years later. Whilst guiding project teams to deliver more sustainable buildings, he became increasingly frustrated by the lack of sustainable products and systems in Australia. So, rather than complain about the difficulties faced in Australia, in 2009 he helped start Laros Technologies to provide Passivhaus certified products to Australia. This introduced Jonathan to Passivhaus, and the importance of designing building properly with a focus on passive and reliable solutions.

His particular passions is around Indoor Environment Quality and Climate Resilient Buildings, and when he resumed his role as Managing Director of Viridis in 2013 he redirected the company to specialise in these areas . One outcome of this refined focus is that Viridis has become heavily involved in the Insurance industry, and is regularly called to investigate properties affected by mould – to determine both the likely cause and validate that appropriate remediation measures have been taken prior to re-occupancy. This experience has further increased Jonathan’s appreciation of the importance of constructing buildings properly – as he has observed what happens when Standards and Guidelines are not implemented completely.

Jonathan is proud of the Boards achievements of the last year, that has seen Passive House profile raised significantly, and now being recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia. Jonathan is excited by the opportunity to continue his involvement with the Board, and is hoping to lead the interactions with ASBEC, and also take on the Treasurer role. His primary focus with ASBEC would be to continue helping Passive House gain traction across Australia, and through this, steadily raise the bar on what practices are considered acceptable.

Jonathan’s believes his experience in Indoor Environment Quality, and particularly Mould (even in ‘green’ buildings) will be invaluable to the APHA Board, helping to minimise potential risk (both real and reputational) to APHA and to set a direction that encourages adoption of Passivhaus across Australia.

Justin O'Connor - Certified PH Tradesperson


Justin is a Passive House builder, advisor and component supplier. He owns and operates a high level construction and supply firm in Hobart. Justin has a long term commitment to building ‘better’ energy efficient, more sustainable, healthy homes. This commitment is why Justin found, and committed to, the intensive Passive House study and became accredited as a Certified Tradesperson. For his study, Justin was awarded a scholarship from Pro Clima Australia. To enable holistic advice and construction, he pursued accreditation in both the areas of Building Envelope and Mechanical Services.

Justin is involved in the Hobart chapter of the APHA, and actively organises and hosts meetings and presentations. His passion for Passive House has seen him take the principles into all projects, and he is now actively involved in developing local Passive House projects via his own business. His exacting standards, commercial nous and background in trades and building will bring an insight into the realisation of Passive House projects in both regional areas and in the domestic sector.

Kylie Mills - Architect, Director BluKube Architecture


As a practicing Architect, I discovered a missing link in my sustainable education when having completed the Passive House designer course at Box Hill TAFE in 2015. I was awarded the proclima Passive House designer scholarship. I have been a raving fan of the five key design principles of Passive House since.

In 2016, I became an Australian Passive House Association (APHA) member, and Sydney Representative since January 2017. With other key APHA members we delivered a Passive House workshop at Sydney Design Build in March. I was elemental in arranging the first Sydney Passive House designer course run in May/June this year, plus APHA’s seasonal Masterclasses. Recently with the assistance of other Sydney members, we have been successful in an EOI application for APHAs participation at the Sydney Design Festival in March 2018 with the theme “Start a conversation about Passive House”.

I have been volunteering at events with the Sydney Youth Orchestra (NFP organisation) since 2015 which never fails to disappoint in the youthful talent. Have been the chairperson of RFDC, a not for profit family day care when my daughters were younger. As an architect, small business owner of BluKube Architecture, and part time teacher, I see Passive House as a step in the right direction to achieve healthy comfortable living and working environments.

The journey for APHA is to educate all participants in the construction industry on the simplicity of building better. Getting Passive House and the key principles design into the regulatory & public domains are the keys to change.

Looking forward to the future as a finalist in the 2017 Australian Sustainability Awards and consulting on Passive House projects, creating more passive house courses, the ‘ice box’ challenge, the South Pacific conference, meeting likeminded folk, and your APHA board member, just to name a few things I want to be part of in 2018!

Marcus Strang - Specialist Sustainability Engineer, Certified PH Designer


I have been the APHA Representative for the Melbourne chapter for the past two years, promoting the Passive House standard in Australia through raising awareness, advocating and educating through organising Masterclasses and presenting at several events to support Passive House practitioners in Australia.

My motivation for nomination as an APHA board member is due to my dedication to excellence in the built environment, and I see this a position to further my ability to focus on building performance, including healthy, comfortable and energy efficient buildings. As a consultant I specialises in Passivhaus design, to which I see as being a fundamental intermediate step on the path towards positive energy buildings and a thriving society. My contribution to APHA as a board member would be as an operator, assisting and supporting APHA’s daily efforts.

Besides having a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Civil Engineering, I am a Certified Passive House Designer and Green Star Accredited Professional.

Peter Mason - Managing Director at Ducon


Peter is a Melbourne based builder, he started his career as an apprentice carpenter. Peter started his company in 2002 working collaboratively with many of Melbourne’s leading architects on award winning commercial and institutional projects.

Peter’s passion is to build sustainable buildings, by constructing or retrofitting buildings to optimise energy and water efficiency and minimise waste, his goal for passive building will become a way of living.

Building this way will utilise sustainable materials, eliminating the products that contain harmful chemicals that affect our long term health, fully sealing the home and adopting efficient forms of insulation to protect from the elements. This will give the home a healthy way of living with long term cost savings on heating and cooling, as well as having knowledge of contributing to a sustainable future for everyone.

Some of Peters award winning projects are:

  • 2004 Australian Greenhouse Office – Renovation of the year
  • 2012 Kids Undercover – Building Commission Award for most Eco Friendly Cubby
  • 2015 Bromby Street South Yarra

Peter has many more awards for other projects which you can see on his website, but his true passion is for sustainable living, which in turn will make a healthier lifestyle for all.

Ralph Frank - Director at ComfortBuild and Credosalus


I have been a member of the APHA since 2014, and a member of the International Passive House Association since 2012. Over the last two years, I have served on the Board of the APHA, and have worked to grow the Association into a national organisation by embedding sound governance principles and focusing strongly on the identification of strategic goals.

As Canberra Representative I have established a monthly APHA Chapter Meeting, and am working on the establishment of special interest group and committee structures within the Association to leverage the enthusiasm and contribution of members.

I am a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and have more than 30 years experience working on not-for-profit and commercial boards. The APHA is at an exciting point in its evolution and the new Board will have many opportunities to develop and to grow the association.