Are you taking the Passive House Designer or Tradesperson course? Just completed it or thinking about it once you have got back into the swing of things this year?

If so, you may have come across the conundrum that it is difficult to know where to go to get that first grounding in on the subject of Passive House design, construction, delivery or management. While there are plenty of great resources, we continue to collate them here, they don’t quite take you through the process or are too detailed for the novice.

This would have certainly been true a few years back when the subject was dominated by translated Passive House text books. Happily, as Passive House popularity continually to hop borders, establishing itself as a truly International standard for ultra-high performance design and comfort, things are changing fast!

While a bunch of great resources will meet the individual requirements of the novice dipping their toe in the Passive House pond, “The Passivhaus Designer’s Manual: A technical guide to low and zero energy buildings” is a text providing that little bit more.

Published in October 2015 and edited by Christina J. Hopfe and Robert S. Mcleod, this technical reference for architects, engineers and construction professionals has been written seemingly to accompany the Passive House Designers Course. Indeed, in some respects, it can be an even better resource than the Designer Course handouts!

Starting with the fundamentals, climate change and the opportunities in the built environment, the book lays the foundations of occupant comfort and energy efficiency before sequentially traversing the integrated subjects of building fabric, lighting, moisture and ventilation. For those starting to use the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), these well thought through steps makes the learning significantly easier to obtain results faster. Thereafter, it tackles economics, planning and delivery, three aspects of the standard that fundamental to success!

Written simply with fantastic illustrations, case studies and practical insights, The Passivhaus Designer’s Manual may very well become the bible of the Passive House Designers Course in years to come.

Don’t believe us and want to learn more, check out this great blog by Elrond Burrell and the 12 things he learnt from his ‘reference book of choice’.