Virtual Trade Show

Click here to go to our interactive trade show floor! Explore the conference booths and discover the latest products and services.

Experts from around the world will present on the enormous potential of good design during the conference, while at the same time product and component suppliers and manufacturers will demonstrate their practical implementation in our Virtual Trade Show. 

Free to access virtually, the Trade Show offers suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers the unique opportunity to showcase their products to a wide audience of interested parties.

It aims to provide potential clients and design professionals with information, products, materials, illustrative models and expert advice on how to apply Passive House in the Australian context. The reach has never been better by digitalising the experience for visitors and delegates, opening up a whole new concept for trade show commerce. Our Virtual Trade Show will be accessible virtually for the full five day duration of the conference and remain live for all exhibitors for the remainder of 2020, with some sponsorship options extending well into 2021. 

Click here to view the Virtual Trade Show Program.