We are pleased to announce that the South Pacific Passive House Conference 2020 is going virtual, driven primarily by the health pandemic playing out in Australia and around the world, but also to leverage this exciting new awakening to technology and collaboration.


MONDAY 12 OCTOBER Virtual Trade Show launch 
TUESDAY 13 OCTOBER  Conference Day 1
WEDNESDAY 14 OCTOBER   Conference Day 2
THURSDAY 15 OCTOBER  Conference Day 3
FRIDAY 16 OCTOBER  Conference Day 4


The line-up of speakers, program, and learning opportunities is as strong as ever through the adopting of these new models of collaboration and it opens up a greater level of flexibility and retention of knowledge. The Virtual Trade Show component will announce a brand-new way of interacting with products and professionals for greater exposure over an extended period.

We are excited about opening the event up to a broader geographical cohort making this year’s SPPHC the most inclusive to date. The event will contain 4 days of afternoon conference sessions (1:30pm – 5:30pm) and a complete range of drop-in opportunities to the Virtual Trade Show on demand for the entire week. So, no matter what you want to see, or who you want to meet, there will be ample opportunity for collaboration and learning at your own pace.

How this works: Our conference panellists will run the discussion. As the session video plays, a chat room will be continually scrolling and updating with answers & clarifications as we go. This is a highly interactive way to get to ask questions immediately, rather than saving them up and being selected at the conclusion of the talk. You will have the undivided attention of the speakers as their expert sessions are being played with fellow delegates able to build on questions and answers, therefore capturing the collective knowledge of the room. The Virtual Trade Show will be accessible virtually for the full 5-day duration of the conference, and landing pages live for all exhibitors for the remainder of 2020, with some extending well into 2021. The interactive floor plan will seamlessly divert potential customers through to a myriad of information about the products and professionals they are learning more about. All exhibitors will be scheduled a live streaming session outside of conference times, to be able to get the full attention of delegates throughout the week rather than have to wait until the traditional lunch breaks etc.

While the cocktail evening will not be going ahead, with the new virtual platform in place, there will be plenty of opportunity for collaboration throughout the full five days of the conference.

There are also some changes to the format of the training day, that will be scheduled to run over the coming months right through to Christmas.

We will be in touch with registrants for the cocktail party and training day workshops directly in the coming week.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to sponsor this event.