We have shared a range of videos on our Vimeo Channel that are freely available for you to enjoy, as well as the following list of On Demand videos. If you're an APHA Member please log in to your account where you will be able to access your discount code here.

APHA Member Exchange Videos

How to Choose a HRV System & Manage Humidity
The Hempcrete Passive House
Passive House Windows: Don't Waste Your Money

Introduction to Passive House Series

Introduction to MVHR Systems - Joel Seagren
Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

Passive House Education

CPHD/C and CPHT Combined Mentoring - Session 1
Intro to Air Tight and Weatherproof Membranes
Jesse Clarke - Airtightness and Sealing Membranes
Sean Maxwell - Blower Door Testing

APHA Events

Why do we need to mechanically ventilate our homes?
PH Exchange - My First Passive House Project

SPPHC Conference 2020 Videos

 Natalie Colbert | Early Learning Centre ACT
 Talina Edwards | Owl Woods
 Knut Menden | CLT Passive House Sydney
 Kate Nason | Mind The Gap: A Pathway from Code to Passive House
 Burkhard Hansen | Passive House for Affordable Housing
 Oliver Steel | Case Study: The Fern
 Andy Marlow | Sydney's First Passive House
 Marcus Strang | PH, Timber & Warm Climate - Gillies Hall
 Bronwyn Barry | KeyNote Speaker
 Panel Discussion | Meet The Architects Panel
 Daniel Kress | The WHY Behind Passive House
 Pablo Sepulveda, Max Marschall, Kexin Hu | EnerPHit Heritage Melbourne University
 Darren O'Dea | Why Ventilation is Important to Buildings
 Jesse Clarke | Weather Resitive Barriers
 Sean Maxwell | The Physics of Build Tight and Ventilate Right
 Matheo Durefeld | KeyNote Speaker SPPHC2020
 Kristin Br√§unlich | PHI Hospital
 Panel Discussion | Market Response to Quality in Construction
 Jon Iliffe | The Cost of Passive House
 Monash Woodside Building & Monash Chacellery
 Chris Higgins | KeyNote Speaker SPPHC20