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In order to determine a building’s performance to the Passive House building standard, you must use the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software. PHPP allows a building to be defined based on its individual elements. This allows architects and engineers to study the impact of design changes whilst continuously monitoring the likelihood of meeting the Passive House criteria. Thoroughly validated against measured performance data of real buildings in various climates, the energy demand predicted reflects actual energy consumption to address ‘The Performance Gap’ commonly experience in predicted and operational energy usage.

To assist in ensuring an accurate incorporation of the proposed building geometry, and for early stage concept analysis, a Sketch-up plugin, designpH is available. Here, you can draw your building in sketch-up and then import the geometry into PHPP, saving time and allowing the building to be visually represented in the modelling process.


A Passive House is far more than the sum of its parts: precise planning is required in order to ensure that the components used work together to achieve the desired result. Two pieces of software define the Passive House design process.


The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is the key design tool used when planning a Passive House and as such, serves as the basis of verification for the Passive House Standard. While there are other design tools on the market, it is the the PHPP’s high level of accuracy that sets it apart: energy balances can be calculated with the PHPP to an accuracy of +/- 0.5kWh! The new designPH plugin has been developed by the Passive House Institute to provide a 3D model interface for entering building geometry into PHPP. The benefits of the tool are two-fold; firstly it will simplify the process of entering data into PHPP and secondly it will provide preliminary feedback on the performance of the design within SketchUp.


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designPH 2.0 - NEW!
designPH 2.0 - NEW!
PHPP 9 + designPH 2.0
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PHPP Version 9 (2015)
PHPP Version 9 (2015)