The Hütt 01 Passivhaus wins Award for Sustainable Architecture

Congratulations to APHA Members, Melbourne Design Studios (MDS) for their Commendation in Residential Architecture in the AIA's Victorian Chapter awards. This stunning home is Pending Certification, and featured here in our In Progress Projects directory.

Jury Citation: "The Hütt 01 Passivhaus is an exceptionally crafted family home designed with near excessive enthusiasm and care. The architect’s own home accommodates five occupants and acts as a demonstration project for clients and people interested in sustainable homes. A certified passive house packed with sustainable thinking from a lime-washed exposed CLT structure to a heat chimney created through operable windows at the top of the stairs and triple-glazed sliding doors which buffer the trains passing within 5 metres of the boundary so that almost no sound can be heard. The jury visited on a chilly morning of 14 degrees and experienced the sum of these efforts. No heating and a completely comfortable internal temperature of around 22 degrees. The home is designed around the clever use of space. The building footprint and resources have been minimised through careful planning, spatial adjacencies, and overlaps. Furthermore, the section has been rigorously used to create nooks and play spaces for children and adults alike. Melbourne Design Studio exudes a passion for the deployment of Passivhaus principles within Victoria’s climate and the value architects bring to minimise footprints while maximising sustainable livability."

Read more about the awards here.