Introducing Vanquish, Australia’s largest architectural home targeting full passive house plus certification.

To create this ground-breaking home, Solaire Properties collaborated with Passive House Consultants Ecolateral and award-winning Joe Adsett Architects. Together, they set three focal points for the design and construction of this home. Future-proofing the home against climate change, maximising energy efficiency and comfort through Passive House Certification, and delivering an incredibly spacious, open-plan style home that can respond to the vibrant and modern Brisbane lifestyle.

Through a combination of high-performance triple glazing, superior insulation, and an airtight building envelope, Vanquish will enjoy internal humidity and temperature levels that only a Passive House can deliver. Coupled with ultra clean air and the quietness afforded by triple glazing, you won’t want to leave it.

The home redefines clean living while also creating a luxurious smart-home. With a 10 kW solar array, 28Kws of Redback battery on-site storage, and the highest quality sustainable materials available, Vanquish challenges the market to raise the bar for the future of residential homes.

Enjoy a short video on this luxury, near-zero energy Passive House building on our YouTube channel below: