Vanquish would not be consider a typical Passive House. Large and expansive glazed elements and a roof deck on the third floor meant that the home needed to be very delicately balanced to meet the exacting standards of Passive House. Add to this the high temperature and humidity levels of the Sub Tropics and you have the full extent of the challenge.
As a top end market product, the Joe Adsett designed home in the inner Brisbane city suburb of Auchenflower, responds to Queensland’s indoor/outdoor life style and delivers the highest levels of luxury. The developer had a genuine commitment to reach the PH certification level and to ensuring that, wherever possible, additional sustainability deliverables were included. Orientated perfectly to enjoy the Summer breezes and the Winter sun, this home boast all the features of true passive design, great cross ventilation, correctly located large overhangs and a central stair to allow full air dilution. Renewable energy generated on the house next door was used to power site construction, low indoor VOC levels, a stringent on-site recycling system was adopted, and only products with high recycled content were used in the structure. The 10.5kw array on the roof not only powers the low demand house but also charges a battery bank with storage potential of 28kWh. Excess energy is directed to the Heat pump HWS to supercharge the water through the day almost negating the need for grid-sourced energy for water heating. Remainder to the grid. 

The home boasts 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, 2 large living areas, an indoor/outdoor kitchen, roof terrace overlooking the CBD 4klms away, double garage and an elegant central stair servicing the upper two storeys. 
In conjunction with our partners Stiebel Eltron (ERV), Proclima ( Membranes), Reynaers (triple glazed argon filled windows), Redback ( 28Kwh Battery storage.) and our certifier Detail Green, the entire project was a triumph. Testing at times but the building team at Solaire Build were always up for the challenge. 

Recently sold to a client versed in Passive House, we look forward to engaging with them to understand how the home performs. A team from the University of Queensland have installed state of the art monitoring equipment in the home and have been recording the performance since early Summer and will continue through the coming seasons to allow us to get a true story of how the building is performing. 

Architect: Joe Adsett architects 
PH Designer: John Moynihan Ecolateral Pty Ltd 
PH certifier: Luc Plowman Detail Green 
Developer: Solaire Properties 
Builders: Solaire Built

Enjoy a short video on this luxury, near-zero energy Passive House building on our YouTube channel below: