Passive house grows in popularity as homebuyers look for energy efficiency, low environmental impact

The ABC featured an article on the benefits of Passive House over the weekend. Toowoomba couple Michael Krause and Meegan Symonds are building their home, set to become the southern Queensland city's second passive house. 

Michael Krause expects to see more passive houses in Australia, given the concept works well in both warm and cold climates. 

"I think it will be a lot more common because people will realise once they come in just how comfortable they are versus the traditional home where you've got those extremes," he said.

The couple are part of the growing number of homeowners, builders and designers interested in Passive House. 

APHA CEO Alexia Lidas said demand was outpacing the number of skilled professionals who could build the homes. "We're growing 20 per cent year on year."

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