New Australian Passive House Certifier: Marcus Strang 


The Passive House world is expanding with Marcus Strang, Senior Consultant at Hip V. Hype, completing his Passive House Certifier Course. Marcus is one of only THREE Passive House Certifiers in Australia, alongside with Clare Parry & Luc Plowman. 

Some words from Marcus:

"It is my pleasure to gain the Certifiers international accreditation to certify Passive House buildings, EnerPHit retrofits and Low Energy Buildings on behalf of the Passive House Institute and continue to support the development of the crucial Passive House concept in Australia. My main takeaway from going through the Passivhaus Certifier course was that quality assurance for a building's successful operation is almost impossible without a Certification process. This proceeds from the knowledge that errors or omissions can occur in every human action and it is simply good professional practice to carry out a counter-checking to secure the best possible final outcome in any building. For a Passivhaus, these final outcomes include supreme energy efficiency, optimal thermal comfort, a very high degree of acceptance by users, and permanent absence of structural damage."

Well Done Marcus!