Member Profile - Stewart Scholten  


Q.1. Tell us about yourself and your career so far?
I am 34 years old, was born and raised on an organic farm in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW where my family still resides today. I completed my carpentry apprenticeship in 2007 and my builders licence 2010. I am in partnership with my brother Cameron. Cameron and myself run Scholten Group and have over 35 years combined building experience. We strive for excellence in  building performance while having a minimal impact on our planet. We have a strong focus on building practises and materials to create healthy indoor living environments. 

Q.2. What attracted you to becoming a tradesperson?
We were approached to build a passive house in Ballina where we were introduced to the concepts of passive house standards - this instantly made a lot of sense and we enrolled in the next passive house trade course with Danial Kress.
On completion of the course we were and still remain convinced this is the way we need to build for a healthy sustainable future.

Q.3. How are you making an impact with Passive House?
We have completed our first passive house in Ballina - which is also the first in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
We have hosted multiple open days where other builders, local council and members of the public have come along to see and learn about passive house.

Q.4. Tell us more about your most recent project, what your goal is & the rating you are trying to achieve?
We achieved an ACH 0.08 average result which is an exceptional result and validation of all the hard work that goes into building a passive house.
The house is currently pending Passive House Certification.

Q.5. How long have you been a member of APHA?
Member for 3 years.