APHA Member Profile: Michael Drage

Q.1. Tell us about yourself and your career so far?
Following my passion in sustainable design after 25 years in the investment industry. With 5 children, a team of 20 in the business and trying to keep fit- life is very full!

Q.2. What attracted you to becoming a Passive House Designer?
When I changed careers, I looked at global best practice in sustainable design, and Passive House was the clear answer to so many questions in the industry. So, I jumped in the deep end and Passive House principles drive all three of our businesses.

Q.3. How are you making an impact with Passive House?
For design clients- we use Passive House design principles for all designs, not just for those wanting Passive Houses. design for them. Our energy efficiency team do PHPP analyses for clients, corporates and other designers. Net Zero + brings in prefabricated panelised buildings and energy efficient European windows. We are not builders, but people can pick and choose how they deal with us.

Q.4. Tell us more about your most recent project, what your goal is & the rating you are trying to achieve?
We have a number of Passive House projects on the go, including a couple using the Net Zero+ panels and another which will be a double stud traditional build. We are aiming for Passive House Plus by being net zero from an energy point of view for these projects.

Q.5. How long have you been a member of APHA?
5 years