Get to know 2022 Board Nominee Simone Schnekel

Simone Schenkel is a Certified Passive House Designer and the Director of Gruen Eco Design

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Strategy and Governance Experience

"I have been very active and involved in the industry and with many stakeholders for a long time."

Career history demonstrating experience and insight that you will bring to the leadership of APHA

"I started my own business in 2013, concentrating on energy efficient and sustainable design. After having two kids in 2014 and 2015 it was in 2017 that I changed from a sole trader to a company and got my first employee. Since then, we have constantly grown. And are now a team of 20, and are well known and respected in the industry as a sustainability and passive house expert. e.g. lots of talks, magazine articles and events with Renew, sustainable house day, APHA, passive house podcast, national design matters, evitat, Sustainability awards, other podcasts etc."

Please provide an example to demonstrate your strength as an influential leader that is able to drive change and outcomes? 
"I like to talk. About passive house that is and why we need better homes. I think I am one of few who is very active on social media and online in general - educating and informing consumers."

Why does this opportunity attract you? 
"I have been interested in coming on board for many years. I've been a Chapter Lead now for the third year in a row. Up until now my kids were too little and I didn't want to put my hands up, thinking I could not commit as much as I would want to but now that my kids are older, I would love to join."

Please list any prior association committee or board experience or anything else you would like to add. 

"As above. I'm currently on board with Evitat as their main online facilitator and sustainability expert."

Which role are you applying for? 

General Board Member




Prior associations and affiliations

I am a current member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and am undertaking training to maintain accredited membership.


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The building industry accounts for almost 40% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. The buildings we design today will still be operational by 2050. Reaching net zero will require huge changes to our houses, offices, and schools and the way we live in them.