Get to know 2022 Board Nominee Talina Edwards

Talina Edwards is the Director of Talina Edwards Architecture

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Strategy and Governance Experience

"In recent years, I’ve been honored to gain peer-recognition as an industry leader, advocating for a more sustainable and regenerative future for all. I was very involved with the Australian Architects Declare movement when it started in 2020, preparing the Strategic Vision, and advising our profession how to act in the face of a climate emergency. This movement continues to grow and is aligned with Engineers Declare, Builders Declare and others across multi-disciplines to strengthen our mission. 
I’ve been on the ArchiTeam Advocacy advisory committee for a few years now, and it’s been encouraging to see how agile the organisation is and how members are willingly embracing going carbon-neutral and upskilling their Passivhaus knowledge. I’ve loved being on the APHA board over the past 2 years, but the time has gone too quickly (and time has been distorted due to the pandemic lockdown craziness!) so I’d welcome the opportunity to continue as a Board Director for another term to see our strategies implemented, and the growth of APHA continue under strong leadership from our passionate Directors and the initiative & professional capacity of our dedicated staff.

Career history demonstrating experience and insight that you will bring to the leadership of APHA

"I’ve been passionate about sustainability and the health of people and planet my whole life… and have been working in the architectural industry for over 25 years now. During my professional career, sustainable design (and now a regenerative ethos) has always been the foundation for every design decision. 
Whilst running my own practice for the past decade, I’ve been authentic about our values and purpose, and am truly grateful that kinfolk have felt aligned with this and believed that there’s a better way to build. 
We’ve been designing and building Passivhaus projects since 2016 now, and we love sharing our lessons learnt to help with awareness for consumers and to help educate our peers so many more in the industry can learn about the benefits of the Passivhaus! 
One of the things I love about the APHA community, is that everyone has a collaborative approach, and is willing to share knowledge to help each other as a rising tide lifts all boats (as long as it’s not the ocean rising due to climate change…and they are Passivhaus boats.

Please provide an example to demonstrate your strength as an influential leader that is able to drive change and outcomes? 
"To the uninitiated, Passivhaus can at first seem overwhelming. There’s a lot of science and maths, and fear of the unknown is a very real thing. However, once you understand the benefits, there is no turning back. 
I’ve realised that one of my strengths is communicating about Passivhaus to different audiences to ensure it is perceived as more inclusive and more accessible. 
Basic building-science should not be seen as elite luxury for the privileged few - all Australians deserve to live, work and visit buildings that are healthier and more energy-efficient.
Communicating in everyday language about why Passivhaus works, and what it is, and how to implement it has become a real mission for me. Over the past few years i’ve embraced opportunities to speak, write, present and engage with numerous communities (online and in-perosn) and have seen the ripple-effect continue with growing awareness. I want to continue this important advocacy work.

Why does this opportunity attract you?  "My board role has focused on advocacy, partnerships and communications, with the past year being the Deputy-Chair to support the executive directors. 
This started with my involvement as a volunteer leading the creative-direction of producing the ‘Passivhaus in Australia’ book for APHA in 2020 (alongside board-director Andy Marlow).
I am well-connected and active with many industry-bodies, including memberships with AIA, ACA, ArchiTeam, Living Future Institute Australia, BDAA, Design Matters National, Renew, the Construction Declares movements, and more. I feel this cross-pollination is very important as we’re stronger together as we move toward our common goals. These relationships mean I help connect the dots, learning how APHA can better support our industry partners and how we can drive better outcomes together.

Please list any prior association committee or board experience or anything else you would like to add. 


  • 2022 Australian Passive House Association - Deputy Chair
  • 2021 Australian Passive House Association - General board member - Partnerships and Advocacy
  • 2020 Australian Passive House Association working group to produce 'Passivhaus in Australia' book
  • 2020-2022 ArchiTeam Advocacy Committee
  • 2020-2022 Architects Declare Coordinator
  • 2017 Committee For Ballarat Leadership/Governance Program

Which role are you applying for? 

General Board Member


The building industry accounts for almost 40% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. The buildings we design today will still be operational by 2050. Reaching net zero will require huge changes to our houses, offices, and schools and the way we live in them.