Get to know 2022 Board Nominee Sven Maxa

Sven Maxa is the Director of Maxa Design

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Strategy and Governance Experience

"As a company director I am responsible for the creation & implementation of business development strategies. I am a former committee member of  the Building Designers Association of Australia (now Design Matters National) and amongst the overall business operations and strategic development tasks, I was involved in the sub-committees for marketing and sustainability. I helped develop the Sustainable Design Challenge and judged the state design awards also."

Career history demonstrating experience and insight that you will bring to the leadership of APHA

"Since 2004 I have been the director of Maxa Design. We have been focusing on high performance buildings since our inception and designed our first passivhaus project in 2015. Since 2017 I have focused my energy solely on running the business of Maxa Design, stepping away from design work and learning how to analyse and implement strategic decisions."

Please provide an example to demonstrate your strength as an influential leader that is able to drive change and outcomes? 
"Aside from my role as company director, something a little more close to home - In 2018 I started a school dad's social group to help foster a stronger community group for the dads. Mums were having all the fun! I set up our first event and spent time meeting and greeting dads and essentially marketing the event. Our first event had 70 dad's attend, and we've since had 5 other events (Covid stopped our momentum). I regularly have dad's from the school as me when the next event is. I really enjoy bringing people together, meeting new people, and building communities.

Why does this opportunity attract you?  "I enjoy helping, learning and sharing. I believe that volunteering my time to something I'm passionate about (PH) is going to be enjoyable and I do hope to learn some things along the way."

Please list any prior association committee or board experience or anything else you would like to add. 

"BDAV - 5 years (now Design Matters National)"

Which role are you applying for? 

General Board Member

The building industry accounts for almost 40% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. The buildings we design today will still be operational by 2050. Reaching net zero will require huge changes to our houses, offices, and schools and the way we live in them.