Get to know 2022 Board NomineeSamantha Peart

Samantha Peart is the Global Head of Sustainability of Hassel

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Strategy and Governance Experience:

"As Global Head of Sustainability at Hassell, I am leading the implementation of a global practice wide Sustainability Framework. This is a new executive leadership role for Hassell and the framework requires an organisational transformation across business practices, governance, design approach, project delivery, research, innovation, and pipeline strategy. In my first three months I concentrated on understanding how the organisation lives and breathes, and then developed a strategic short, medium and long term implementation approach and developed a business plan that was approved by the Board. Prior to this, I was undertaking organisational capability strategy as a Senior Director working directly for the CEO at Development Victoria. This included a review of and strategy development for governance, structure, capability, resourcing, and learning and development. I also designed and complete Stage 1 implementation of Development Victoria's Sustainability Strategy, and established a Sustainability Team. The implementation included improving governance around strategic decision making for balanced financial, environmental, and community outcomes. It also included supply chain engagement to increase DV's minimum standards for housing at no significant increase in cost. This is all backed by a career in technical and strategic sustainable design which provides the evidence based foundation needed to advocate in the right way to influence change."

Career history demonstrating experience and insight that you will bring to the leadership of APHA

I've been lucky enough to have delivered both projects and strategy from the perspective of a consultant (through my time at Arup), the perspective of Government and a Developer (through my time at Development Victoria), and now through the perspective of a design practice in my role at Hassell. In each of these roles, I have also worked closely with key decision makers within Client organisations - such as private sector developer, government developers, universities, government departments, head contractors, etc. This gives me an understanding of the dynamics of the relationship between each of these roles in delivering a project, when and how key decision are influenced and made, how roadblocks are identified, and the most effective way to unpick these roadblocks. These insights and relationships with key organisations can be helpful in influencing uptake of Passive House in new sectors and at different scales through understanding current roadblocks and working with industry and APHA to remove them."

Please provide an example to demonstrate your strength as an influential leader that is able to drive change and outcomes? 

"Developing a career as a sustainability consultant allowed me to gain exposure to how to influence change on more than 200 projects across 20 or so countries. It required adaptive approaches based on Client and stakeholder drivers, and the geographic, environmental, social and economic context. This allows value to be attached to key sustainability initiatives and approaches - such as Passive House - in a way that is meaningful to each individual stakeholder and in a way that will actually delivery built value in the context of the project. This is the same approach I applied at Development Victoria in distilling the organisations sustainability aspirations, attaching meaningful value to them, and embedding them in key elements of the governance structure. It is the same approach I have taken at Hassell in developing the short, medium and long term implementation strategy for their Sustainability Framework. It is also the same approach we are using upskilling the entire organisation on within Hassell to arm everybody with the capability to influence change in their own way, within their own contexts.”

Why does this opportunity attract you? 

"I believe APHA has the opportunity to shift the market to a place where there is equitable access to safe, healthy, efficient homes - but also buildings in general. Passive House can provide huge benefit across all sectors of the built environment. I'm excited about the opportunity to contribute to a real difference to quality of life, resilience in our buildings, and our push towards limiting the impacts of climate change through advocacy for wide spread Passive House adoption."

Please list any prior association committee or board experience or anything else you would like to add. 

  • Technical Advisory Group - Green Building Council of Australia [Feb 2021 - Present]
  • Co-chair Global WELL Homes Advisory - IWBI [2021/2022]
  • Sustainable Precincts Expert Reference Panel - Green Building Council of Australia [Sep 2019 - Present]
  • Sustainable Housing Task Group - ASBEC [Sep 2019 - May 2022]


Which role are you applying for? 

General Board Member


The building industry accounts for almost 40% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. The buildings we design today will still be operational by 2050. Reaching net zero will require huge changes to our houses, offices, and schools and the way we live in them.