Get to know 2022 Board Nominee Jeff  Robinson

Jeff  Robinson is the Principal Built Environment Sustainability Consultant at Aurecon

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Strategy and Governance Experience

"I have enjoyed being an advocate for sustainable development in the built environment since I first came to Australia in 1997 and got involved in the growth of green building movement in Australia and South Africa. I have helped provide strategic advice on the sustainable development of  the Property Portfolio's of many clients in my roles as a sustainability consultant over the last 25 years as well as helping several government agencies and Universities with the development of their sustainability strategies.

I have been privileged to have had the opportunity  to help drive change to a more sustainable property and construction industry through my membership of many  industry committees  and boards which have included. 

1. The Property Council's Victorian Sustainable Development Committee. This committee has a long and successful history of advocating for sustainable development in the property industry in Victoria and one example of  successful lobbying by this committee ( in partnership with the GBCA ) was the commitment by the Victorian Government to develop  Fishermans Bend as a certified Green Star Community. 
2. It was privilege  to have been one of the Founding Directors of The Living  Futures Institute of Australia it is wonderful to see this organisation go from strength to strength in Australia
3. I have enjoyed the opportunity to provide strategic advice and help guide the sustainable development strategy though the process of design review in my role as a member of the Victorian Design Review Panel.
3. I have good experience in helping implement good governance strategies in my roles as  a committee member of  Finance and Risk Management Committee of the Heritage Council of Victoria for the last 5 years and my membership of the Audit and Risk Management Subcommittee of Working Heritage.
3. I provide strategic advice on the Audit and Risk Management subcommittee of Working Heritage
4. I provide strategic design advice as a member of the Victorian design review panel and the City of Casey's Design Excellence Panel

Career history demonstrating experience and insight that you will bring to the leadership of APHA

"I have been working as a consulting engineer specialising  in the design of Sustainable Buildings and communities for over 36 years working in Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand South Africa  and Asia. I have had the privilege of working on some leading edge sustainable buildings which have included the First 6 star Greenstar refurbishment in Australia at 60 Albert Rd, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Training Headquarters in Burnley, The 6 Star Mixed Mode Melbourne School of Design and Woodside building for Technology and Design the largest  Passive House certified building in the Southern Hemisphere. Through my many roles as a consulting engineer over many years I have  helped develop the careers and expertise of many engineers, architects and contractors working in the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings and communities working in Australia and South Africa. I bring over 35 years of experience passionately advocating for a sustainable property and construction industry"

Please provide an example to demonstrate your strength as an influential leader that is able to drive change and outcomes? 
"I advocate for the  sustainable development of new  buildings and the sustainable refurbishment of existing buildings in many ways.
Through my work as a consulting Engineer working on many leading edge projects, the many presentations I give at conferences and in the offices of design partners and Clients ,the major industry sustainability awards which i help judge, the industry committees  I am privileged to serve on, the young professionals working in sustainability  whom I mentor, the information I share on LinkedIn and the encouragement I give to others who are doing good things in sustainability.

I am particularly pleased with the contribution I have made to the development of the Green Building movement since I first went there in 2009 to share the learnings from a number of Green Buildings I had helped to design in Australia. Over the next 8 years I give many presentations on the latest thinking in sustainable building design in Australia to many commercial , government and University organisations and organised visits for South African Property owners to visit some of the contemporary sustainable buildings in Australia to learn from their owners and designers. As a result of my efforts and those of many others in the South African Green building movement there  was a rapid grown the demand for Green buildings and the sustainability expertise in the South African property industry. I believe there is an opportunity for APHA to grow quickly to meet the rising demand for Green Buildings in Australia."

Why does this opportunity attract you?  "I believe the Property Industry and Construction industry in Australian is at important inflection point where there is an opportunity for a step change to low carbon, healthy and comfortable buildings. Many large property companies, institutional property owners and Universities have  signed Net Zero Carbon Commitments which are to be achieved over the next few years and are looking for ways in which this can be achieved with the technologies and workforce and construction budgets which are available in our industry. It is my recent experience that Passive House provides both a design and construction methodology which will enable these organisation to cost effectively deliver Net Zero Carbon All Electric, Healthy  Buildings Certified under the Passive House standard. I am currently a  strong and visible advocate for Passive House and  I believe that being a board member of APHA will help me to work with the other board members  to advocate  for the property industry to require improved thermal and airtightness performance of new and existing buildings in Australia which will be verified at both the design and construction project stages using the Passive House Methodology."

Please list any prior association committee or board experience or anything else you would like to add. 

1.Member and Previous Chair of the Property Council of Australia's Sustainable Development Committee
2. Joint Chair of MECLA Working Group 5E which seeks to transform the building services sector to reduce its embodied carbon emissions
3. Committee Member of the Victorian Chapter of CIBSE
4. Member of the Heritage council of Australia
5. Member of the Committee of Management of Working Heritage
6. Member of the Victorian Design Review Panel
7. Member of the City of Casey Design Excellence Panel
8. I am a judge for 3 major sustainability awards

Which role are you applying for? 

General Board Member


The building industry accounts for almost 40% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. The buildings we design today will still be operational by 2050. Reaching net zero will require huge changes to our houses, offices, and schools and the way we live in them.