Here are our 2022 Board Member Nominees! 



Here are all of our nominees!

Please visit the links below to get to know each of our nominees better!

Simone Schenkel

Liam Wallis

Mark van Haandel

Matthew Francis

Erik Moore

Samantha Peart

Sven Maxa

Talina Edwards

Joseph Karten

David Barker

Ross Styles

Jeffrey Robinson

Brett Skyring

George Panos


Elections held for five additional board director positions. Please note that we are no longer accepting nominations.


We hope to see you all at our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 4.00pm EDT. 


The building industry accounts for almost 40% of all global carbon emissions worldwide. The buildings we design today will still be operational by 2050. Reaching net zero will require huge changes to our houses, offices, and schools and the way we live in them.