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  • Welcome to 2020!
  • South Pacific Passive House Conference 2020 - Last Chance for Early Bird tickets!
  • Gearing up for SPPHC 2020 - An Interview with APHA CEO, Paul Wall
  • GBCA and APHA Event: An Introduction to Passive House
  • Architects Declare, Architects Act: Melbourne Meeting - A Summary by Talina Edwards
  • Passivhaus: An Architect's Journey - A Presentation by Talina Edwards
  • APHA Tasmania News and Upcoming Events
  • Passive House Seminar - Goolwa, SA
  • Passive House Training in 2020
  • APHA Member Logos for 2020
  • APHA Membership: Make it Your New Year's Resolution!


What a start to the year 2020!

It will certainly be remembered for the change it created for many, and the unity and community spirit supporting our fellow Australians, wildlife and environments impacted by the bushfires that have changed much of the treed landscape to our nation. The Australian Passive House Association respects and acknowledges the work done by emergency services and volunteers at this time, and for what is required in the future.

While there is a need for immediate support and huge response to this climate emergency, the changes that are required to take place in the future rebuilding and establishment of best practice should be implemented. There is no time like the present to address this in the construction industry.

Buildings with airtightness factored into construction, with good insulation designed for climate, thermally broken minimum double glazed windows, thermal bridges designed out and installation of a good low energy efficient ventilation system (which can support a variety of filters depending on location) will create positive social and environmental outcomes. This will reduce the energy required to heat and cool the spaces inside, and create a clean, consistent internal environment which is comfortable and healthy to live or work in.

It is time Australia really commits to change. No point waiting for legislation or regulation to tell the industries what the minimum standard is. The minimum standard is not good enough. Australians deserve better. Australians deserve healthy indoor environments that are comfortable and affordable.

It is time to make change and design what is essential. There is no planet B and the recent experience of many city dwellers in Australia of helplessness and sadness is real due to seeing and smelling the bushfire destruction.

Take a look at the Passive House principles, notice how things are changing slowly with some concepts tardily working their way into building codes . The speed of change needs to increase rapidly if net zero building is taken seriously. Passive House cannot be half done or parts of it picked out for affordability. The risk of negative issues is real. Which brings to the forefront the mantra of “build airtight, ventilate right” which must be heeded in building construction to maintain a healthy, efficient and comfortable indoor environment.

Join us on the journey, to build better!


The Australian Passive House Association team.



In about five short months, the 2020 South Pacific Passive House Conference (SPPHC 2020) will be taking place at the University of New South Wales’ Roundhouse in Sydney. Here are some important conference updates to keep you in the loop and help you get ready for this exciting event.


Last Chance for Early Bird Tickets!

Early bird ticket sales are still on sale, which means SPPHC 2020 tickets are currently 15% off, with a further 15% saving for APHA and PHNZ members. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on your ticket price, click here for the link to our ticket sales page.



We are proud to announce the following Sponsors for the SPPHC 2020 event!

For the first time in many years, the opportunity exists to become our Major Sponsor! Don't miss out on what is going to be our biggest and best event yet, this is THE time to get on board!

Please find attached sponsorship document that outlines a number of ways that you can get involved, and be a key partner and change-maker in our industry.
We are assembling a stellar line-up of speakers and topics that will inspire, motivate and educate both the converted and curious over the 2 day event, with training and site tours scheduled for before and after.
Please contact us now to discover how best to participate for your organisations.


Trade Show

We’re also excited to release the draft floor plan for this year’s conference. The trade show will take place in two separate rooms that will be easily accessible via the University of New South Wales grounds during the conference. This will provide opportunities for showcasing products to both registered conference attendees and the general public, who will have free access. The adjoining beer garden is also the perfect place for casual meetings with potential clients. We’re also proud to announce that we’ve appointed ExpoNet as our official event contractor.
Spots are filling up quickly, with the trade show availability half full already. Currently, there is still room for other businesses to come on board—get in touch with us soon to pick your desired location.
Please get in quick for your desired locations and sizing, and take advantage of early prioritisation through sponsorship packages.


Conference Agenda

We will be announcing further details about our conference agenda in this month.

Passive House is coming up in a lot of conversations today, and our aim is thus to provide sustainability and building professionals with the latest and most relevant Passive House information and networking opportunities. Passive House is spreading quickly around the world, and this conference is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed quickly with the most current state of play.
Please stay tuned and check back with us as we announce our conference agenda soon!


Cocktail Evening

We have booked the Hacienda Bar overlooking Sydney’s beautiful Circular Quay for the conference cocktail evening, which has great views across the Harbour Bridge and vibrant ferry terminal. Tickets will soon be available for this anticipated evening.
Something particularly special about SPPHC 2020 is that it’s taking place at the same time as VIVID, the festival of light, music, and ideas that attracts visitors from across Australia and abroad. The Hacienda Bar is right on the harbour, offering spectacular views of prominent VIVID light displays and other festivities.

Visit the conference WEBSITE to subscribe to updates and get in touch with any questions.



Thank you to those who submitted, applications are now closed. Acceptance will be emailed to all those who submitted by Friday 31 January 2020.


In Case You Missed It:

Gearing Up For SPPHC 2020 - An Interview with APHA CEO, Paul Wall

The next South Pacific Passive House Conference (SPPHC 2020) is set to take place 28-31 May 2020 in Sydney, Australia.

Click here for an insight on our upcoming event from our APHA CEO, Paul Wall.


An Introduction to Passive House

Didn't get the chance to attend the recent GBCA and APHA event, An Introduction to Passive House? Due to excellent feedback, we can confirm this event will take place in Sydney on 20 February 2020!

This full day course has been developed for those who are new to the Passive House standard and want to know more – whether a developer, architect, engineer, or contractor.

Key areas of learning include:

  • The what, how and why of the Passive House standard
  • Deep dive into the five key principles
  • Passive House versus Section J
  • Examples of Australian projects
  • Introduction to the designPH and PHPP software
  • The Green Star and Passive House Crosswalk
  • The building certification process
  • Design team roles and responsibilities

WHEN: 9am-5pm, 20 February 2020
COST: $599.00 Future Green Leaders Only | $699.00 Members | $975.00 Non-Members



Tasmania Chapter News and Events

Thank you to Bee Newman and Stuart Mackenzie-Hall of Next50 Architects who showed us details of a current Passive House under construction in Hobart. It includes an unprecedented style of insulated slab as well as cross laminated timber (CLT) construction. We will be organising a site visit late January or early February as part of our next Tasmania Chapter catch-up.

We are planning a sponsored event that is CPD registered & a practical demonstration — it will be a half or full day schedule — which could be accompanied by a forum/symposium outlining particular fields of interest eg. air tightness, passive house windows and doors, passive house software, heat recovery ventilation etc. This will be seen as a stepping stone for Tasmanian builders across Bass Straight to do a Certified Passive House Tradespersons course.


Architects Declare, Architects Act - A Summary by Talina Edwards

APHA Member, Talina Edwards of Talina Edwards Architecture, has kindly shared her summary, commentary, and action plan from the Architects Declare, Architects Act Meeting held in Melbourne on Wednesday 4 December 2019.

Read Talina's account here.


Passivhaus: An Architect's Journey - by Talina Edwards

At our recent PHExchange event in Melbourne, APHA Member Talina Edwards shared her journey to discovering the value and benefits of Passive House. 

Discover more here.

Passive House Seminar: Goolwa, SA

Come to this session to hear from the Australian Passive House Association about:

  • Five principles of Passive House to achieve above-and-beyond thermal and energy performance.
  • How high-performance buildings compare to contemporary building techniques in Australia.
  • Passive House examples – strawbale in Austria, brick in Adelaide, and the world’s biggest in China.
  • What’s involved – what components and materials you need, who to contact, and how to find out more.

You'll have the chance to inspect locally-available Passive House components and materials 'in the flesh', access information, and talk direct to an accredited Passive House builder. Come with an open mind and lots of questions!

WHEN: Thursday 6 February 2020, 5:30pm-7:30pm
WHERE: Council Chambers, 11 Cadell Street, Goolwa, SA 5214



Certified Passive House Training Courses

 Passive House designers, consultants, and tradespeople require a special level expertise, which can be acquired and substantiated with the Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant or Tradesperson course.

Certified Passive House professionals have demonstrated sound fundamentals in Passive House Design. Every five years professionals must substantiate their credentials through maintenance and further development of their knowledge.


Box Hill Institute - Introduction to Passive House

Learn about Passive House principles and the methodology to create high performance, thermally comfortable and super energy efficient buildings.
Semester 1 dates: 22-24 April 2020
Semester 2 dates: 12-14 August 2020

Box Hill Institute - Certified Passive House Designer Course

Are you a building professional looking to learn the skills/knowledge required to understand how to design & build to the international Passive House standard? This course is designed with you in mind.
Semester 1 dates: 15-25 June 2020
Semester 2 dates: 28 Sep-8 October 2020


Box Hill Institute - Certified Passive House Designer Exam Preparation and Exam

This one day session is a practice ‘mock’ exam for the Passive House Designer/Consultant exam.
Semester 1 exam preparation date: 26 June 2020
Semester 1 exam date: 27 June 2020

Semester 2 exam preparation date: 9 October 2020
Semester 2 exam date: 10 October 2020

Box Hill Institute - Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course and Exam

In this course, building tradespeople will learn the skills and knowledge required to understand how to build to the International Passive House standard. This 5-day course covers the Building Envelope and Mechanical Systems specialities. 
Semester 1 dates:
11-15 May 2020
Exam date: 16 May 2020

Semester 2 dates: 9-13 November 2020
Exam date: 14 November 2020


WUFI Workshops

Want to learn WUFI? ProClima in Sydney have entry level WUFI® training where you will learn what hygrothermal modelling and WUFI® software is capable of with hands on practice. APHA discount is now available in APHA members area.


Pro Clima Install Training

Pro Clima are also running install training designed for builders, tradespeople and those keen to learn about weathertightness, airtightness and installing Pro Clima products.

These workshops are free to attend and will take place around Australia. Register by clicking on the link HERE.

APHA 2020 Member Logos

The APHA 2020 Logos are available to members now!

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