Description: The Hütt 01 Passivhaus
Building Type: Residential
Location: Coburg, VIC 3058
Number of Apartments/Units: 1
Treated Floor Area According to PHPP: 185m2
Construction Type: CLT with Woodfibre Insulation
Year of Construction: 2021

Background and Brief

We are architects and designers, specialising on passive homes. We finally had an opportunity to build our very first own home, and we went full steam ahead. The house has not only been showcased on Grand Designs Australia, but it is also designed to be a ShowCase home in itself : We love the idea of net zero energy homes, and we are always trying to convince everyone that that is the way into the future, so this was a great opportunity to show one. 

The home is a passive house with lots and lots of experimental and exciting features, from the eco garden aquaponics system via CLT structure, woodfibre insulation, HRV, useable attic floors, green wall and more, up to a green roof and an (almost) off-the-grid-electricity system with Solar PV and batteries. All built on an unbelievable block - a forgotten 250 sqm piece of land wedged between a trainline and a bluestone laneway. So exciting!

Construction is finished, Certificate of Occupation has been received. PH Certification is in progress. More information is available on the property here.

Challenges Faced

Well, there were a few, from logistics to issues with the concrete pours and more - but we've worked through them all and are so happy to finally be in the house. Can tell you more about it when you come to visit the home.

Favourite Features

Many many many things - but probably one of the best that we didn't have the heater on a single time over winter, yet had a constant 23 degrees inside. Isn't passive house just the best!

The Design/Build Process

- Very hard to get a planning permit : Council initially said they would not support any construction on this land (but in the end we got one )
- Very hard access wise, as the whole prefab CLT structure had to be brought down the bluestone laneway
- It helped that we had full control, being the architects/designers, builders, clients and importers of key materials like woodfibre, triple-glazed windows and CLT structure via our import business

The Brief

Build the most awesome beautiful high performance home on this weird un-useable piece of land. 

Project Members

Yes, lots of industry partners and helpers - there's a list on our partner website at

The Hütt 01 Passivhaus 
The Hütt 01 Passivhaus 
The Hütt 01 Passivhaus 
The Hütt 01 Passivhaus 

APHA Member

Felicity Bernstein and Marc Bernstein-Hussmann


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