Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Online Course


In this course you will gain the foundation Passive House design and construction knowledge necessary to prepare you to tackle your first Passive House project, as well as write the Certified Passive House Consultant exam.

Part A. Passive House Design and Construction - Live Stream Sessions + Recorded Content

These live stream virtual sessions will cover the standard 4-day Passive House Design and Construction course. The sessions will be split up into 8 x 4 hour sessions some of which will be pre-recorded sessions. Included in the course cost you will also be receiving the PHPP Manual & Software (this does not need to be purchased separately)

Note: the sessions will be recorded and made available for participants if they are unable to join the live session.


  • PH Principles & Requirements
  • Building Envelope Airtightness
  • Thermal Bridging Construction Systems
  • Windows
  • Ventilation
  • Heating, DHW & Cooling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Economics 

Part B. Online PHPP E-Learning

Access to the course: Using PHPP for Passive House Design and Construction on our online platform, you will be able to work at your own pace, with 3 months of access. The course is online and self-paced. Course access is available from the first day of the first live session.

In the online course, participants will learn how to use the PHPP for residential building design and certification. Participants will be guided step-by-step through the relevant worksheets, while learning the correct conventions for measurements and calculations. Proper documentation will also be covered in detail. A case study will provide participants with practical experience in completing and documenting PHPP calculations for building certification. This course is equivalent to the three day in-class course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the structure, inputs, and outputs of PHPP software
  • Select and input appropriate climate data sets in PHPP
  • Measure and record building characteristics (areas, volumes, etc)
  • Specify building assemblies and components
  • Model HVAC systems
  • Assess building heat loss, energy demand and summertime overheating risk
  • Understand proper sourcing of performance data
  • Gain practical experience in completing a PHPP assessment for a residential development

Intended Audience: Architects, developers, self-builders and other building professionals.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of excel, familiarity with reading construction drawings, and a general understanding of low energy buildings is expected. Participants who lack one or more of these may find it difficult to keep up with the course material and exercises.

Course Requirements: Laptop with a take-off program (CAD, PDF etc), PHPPv9 software, and the PHPP manual. For drawings take-offs, either your own software can be used or you can download the free Autodesk Design Review here. Note that AutoDesk Design Review does not work on Macs. You can either use Windows for Mac, or download an alternative CAD mark-up program.

Schedule: The course is structured into four sessions over the course of three months. Each session requires about 5-8 hours of commitment. You are invited to complete the sessions at your own pace but it is recommended to keep a schedule of three weeks per session. Course access is available from the first day of the first live session to the date of the exam. All student resources including lecture slides will be available for download for future reference.  

Continuing Professional Development

APHA has mapped the Designer/Consultant Course to the National Standard of Competency for Architects 2021. Successful completion of the course will contribute 10 informal hours and 10 formal hours for sitting the exam. 

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Spring Session Dates 2022

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September 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29

11am-3pm AEST

Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Course Tuesdays and Thursdays Live online sessions Walter van de Linde and Johanna Trickett Register here

October 11 & 13

11pm-3pm AEST

Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Course Exam Preparation

Tuesday and Thursday Live online sessions Walter van de Linde and Johanna Trickett
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October 27

11am AEST
Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant TRIAL Exam

Thursday  Online    

November 3

11am-3pm AEST

Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant Exam



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