Passivhaus In Australia

Why these healthy, comfortable and resilient buildings should be our new normal


This book records how individual people and organisations have taken bold action, inspired by their commitment to a better world. They have pioneered the adoption of Passivhaus methodology in diverse building types, recording firsts not just in Australia but the southern hemisphere.

We have chosen to make this book freely available to all because:

  • We believe in the worth of a comfortable, healthy home for our families.
  • We believe in the importance of social housing that provides health and comfort for the most vulnerable Australians.
  • We believe in the value of offices, shopping centres, factories, schools, and hospitals that improve people’s wellbeing.
  • We believe in the urgency of transforming Australia’s built environment so that it generates more clean energy than it consumes rather than being a glutton for fossil-fuel derived energy.
  • We believe in the value of striving to design buildings that are carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative.

Building better isn’t just a theoretical discussion for building science geeks.

It’s a discussion for everyone who likes clean air, comfortable temperatures—and who wants a habitable world for their grandkids. That is to say, all of us.

Passivhaus in Australia was launched at the South Pacific Passive House Conference 2020, discover more in the presentation below.

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