25th International Passive House Conference

The International Passive House Con­fer­en­ce 2021 will take place on­line only.

In light of the rising num­ber of in­fec­tions, es­pe­cially in Wup­per­tal and the sur­round­ing area, and in tak­ing re­spons­ib­il­ity for the health of all par­ti­cipants, the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te has de­cided to of­fer the first part of the con­fer­en­ce ex­clus­ively as a vir­tu­al event.

To en­sure the glob­al Pass­ive House com­mu­nity can cel­eb­rate this mile­stone year to­geth­er with PHI, without risk in-per­son event tick­ets will auto­mat­ic­ally be changed to on­line-only tick­ets and the dif­fer­en­ce will be re­fun­ded.

The pro­gram will take place as planned, with all lec­tures be­ing presen­ted on­line. The open­ing plen­ary, as well as the 30th birth­day cel­eb­ra­tion of the first Pass­ive House, the 25th an­niversary of the Pass­ive House In­sti­tu­te, and the present­a­tion of the Pass­ive House Award 2021 will also be held on­line.

The 25th In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce, in­clud­ing the ON­LINE Pass­ive House Ex­hib­i­tion, will take place on­line with live stream from Wup­per­tal from 10 to 12 Septem­ber 2021 and on­line on 14 and 15 Septem­ber 2021.

Se­cure your Con­fer­en­ce tick­et here via their online tick­et shop and review the pro­gramme here. For more information, click here.

9/10/2021 - 9/15/2021

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