IPHA Open Day - Cooper Haus

International Passive House Open Day 2022!

IPHA Open Day is a great opportunity to view some completed passive house projects, meet the owners, builders and design team!
The tours are spread over two days and bookings are required.

Cooper Haus is a beautiful Certified Passiv Haus is absolutely stunning and boasts dominant results in performance with extreme challenges through the design and build process. From the undercroft garage, to the three different floor elevations, a three stop elevator and a beautiful elevated balcony taking advantage of the beautiful views over the park and estuary, this home challenges the boundaries of both thermal and Air tightness performance yielding outstanding results. 

Come and see how a challenging cambered block with difficult orientation has been transformed into the beautiful slice of sustainable and efficient perfection it is today.

Certification: Certified Passive House Classic
 Friday 24th June

TIME: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
WHERE: Halls Head, WA 6210 - Address revealed once registrations close

This event is free to anyone who would like to attend.

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6/24/2022 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
W. Australia Standard Time
Cooper Haus Halls Head, WA 6210 AUSTRALIA

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