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Cameron Munro
APHA Member since 2018

Cameron Munro has built up his own bespoke hardware and software to build up a dataset on housing performance.  He is interested in deploying the sensors across a selection of dwellings – both conventional and Passive Houses – to build an evidence base in an Australian context.  The sensors are offered at hardware cost-price, and further information is available here.

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South Pacific Passive House Conference 2020 announcement

It's on again! Following a highly successful NZ conference, SPPHC 2020 is coming to you for the first time from Sydney! We’ve booked the iconic UNSW Roundhouse so get ready for a packed program - visit our conference website in the link for details

Meet our 1st PH Exchange Melbourne Speaker - John Beurle

John will share his journey from an empty block to a house he loves and share key lessons learned. From straw, to windows to a fire, airtightness and AirBnB.

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Ventilation, Radiator, and Combustion heating for your Passive House29/08/2019Take advantage of this free event to learn and ask all your questions from the specialists on these products in order to gain a more detailed understanding of their features and benefits.  Products on display include Zehnder, Skantherm, Stuv, Hase and more.
The Fern Tour - Sydney05/09/2019The Fern will be Australia’s first certified PH apartment building. It is now complete. Take this opportunity to view the completed building and a close up view of one apartment. The tour will be led by architect/builder/developer Oliver Steele. As the building is now available for short term rentals we will adjourn to the Lord Raglan for a social catch up immediately after the tour.
Webinar: Presentation on Byera Hadley Research - Decarbonising our Built Environment18/09/2019Presenter: Kate Nason - APHA Partnerships Co-Director and Architect, ARKit Advanced Prefabricated Architecture. Webinar link will be emailed to attendees prior to the event.
Pro Clima WUFI Workshops24/09/2019Want to learn WUFI? ProClima in Sydney have entry level WUFI® training where you will learn what hygrothermal modelling and WUFI® software is capable of with hands on practice. APHA discount is now available in APHA members area. https://proclimaaustralia.arlo.co/w/upcoming/