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Joe Merceica

Armed with the strong belief that ‘no challenge is too big’, Joe is leading the way in sustainable construction with Blue Eco Homes and is where his interest Passive House began. This extends to the launch this year of a Certified Passive Display home built to bushfire BAL-FZ (Flame Zone) standard in the Blue Mountains NSW in order to promote the benefits of Passive House to the industry and wider community. Joe is involved in various influential construction groups to encourage the education and development of current industry bodies, staff and regulations, including his current role as vice chair of the Housing Industry Association (NSW) Training and Membership Committee and newly appointed role as a member of the APHA Board of Directors. Read more about Joe here.

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The 2018 Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship

APHA Board Member, Kate Nason, was the recipient for the proposal to research how the Passive House Standard is being adopted by architects, policy makers and the broader industry to help curb carbon emissions in buildings and create a more resilient

The Fern: Building an Urban Sanctuary - An Interview with Oliver Steele

Oliver Steele on The Fern: Building an Urban Sanctuary

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Webinar Series: South Pacific Passive House Conference 2020 - Why This is Not to be Missed!26/02/2020SPPHC 2020, held for the first time in Sydney, is anticipated to be the biggest yet!
Pro Clima Install Training05/03/2020A free hands-on practical training session for builders, trades, and those keen to learn about weathertightness, airtightness, and how to install pro clima products.
Certified Passive House Designer Course & Exam - Sydney09/03/2020Do you want to design energy-efficient & cost-optimal buildings worldwide? Then the Passive House standard is what you are looking for, and this course shouldn’t be missed!
Passive House Introduction22/04/2020Learn about Passive House principles and the methodology to create high performance, thermally comfortable and super energy efficient buildings.