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Rory Martin

One of our two new APHA Directors! With over ten years industry experience in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia, Rory leads the the delivery of Frasers Property Australia sustainability goals, as well as the Climate Risk and Resilience operations for Frasers Property globally. This work has included overseeing the piloting of Frasers Property Australia’s ‘Point Cook Passive House’, which is seeking to become the first certified Passive House delivered in the Australian volume build residential market.
Rory also holds both a Bachelor of Architecture with Honours, and a Masters of Science in Environmental Design with Distinction, as well as being a registered Architect. He participates on multiple industry panels, speaks regularly at local and international conferences, guest presents at universities and has been recognised through award wins and nominations for his work in both design and sustainability.

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SPPHC Replays | APHA Webinar Series17/02/2021Did you miss out on the South Pacific Passive House Conference 2020? Register Now for the APHA Webinar Series - 2020 SPPHC Replays.
APHA Certified Passive House Online Designer Course March 202102/03/2021In this course you will gain the foundation Passive House design and construction knowledge necessary to prepare you to tackle your first Passive House project, as well as write the Certified Passive House Consultant exam.
DesignPH Workshop: Marcus Strang02/03/2021Join Marcus Strang for his tips and tricks with the Design PH software!
APHA Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course March 202104/03/2021In this course you will gain the foundation Passive House Tradesperson knowledge necessary to prepare you to tackle your first Passive House project, as well as write the Certified Passive House Tradesperson exam.