With Passive House Construction on the rise in Australia, there is a growing consensus that we can make more comfortable and energy efficient buildings through better construction techniques. But how many Passive House Construction projects are there in Australia right now? Are they in design or construction? Mostly in Victoria or elsewhere? Residential or commercial? These are some of the key questions asked at APHA, so we thought we would undertake a Passive House census of our own to provide a clearer indication of opportunities in the Passive House space.

Keeping things simple, we are only after high level, non-specific information that will take 30 seconds of your time to provide. If you have more than 5 projects, please start a new survey.

For you wonderful people that complete the survey and give us your names and contact details, your name will go into a hat with the potential of winning a free ticket (1 available via random selection) to next year’s South Pacific Passive House Conference – Melbourne 2018!

We really appreciate you completing our survey and helping us support the growth of the Australian Passive House Construction industry.

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