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Damir Jurkovic

Congratulations to the team at Split Building Pty Ltd for becoming our 500th member! Managing Director, Damir Jurkovic has 25 years experience in construction and loves working in the building industry, particularly the creativity and being outdoors.

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Premium Content: PurePassiv in Ecolibrium, the official journal of AIRAH

Read about the five year journey from concept to completion of PurePassiv, the first Passive House Premium in New South Wales in the June-July edition of Ecolibrium, the official journal of AIRAH.

How do you design a net zero building?

In Apodcast episode one, Dr Michelle Dickinson is joined by Rory Martin, Sustainability Manager for Frasers Property Australia and Kerryn Coker, Arup’s Australasia Co-Chair.

The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use

Passive Houses use up to 90% less energy for heating and cooling compared to a conventional building, saving occupants money and removing enormous stress on the network. The Guardian’s Peter Hannam explains Australia’s energy crisis in this article.

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APHA Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course | Winter Session 202223/06/2022In this course you will gain the foundation Passive House Tradesperson knowledge necessary to prepare you to tackle your first Passive House project, as well as write the Certified Passive House Tradesperson exam.